The Social Distancing Skin-Care Stars Our Editors Are Swearing by This Month - POPSUGAR

Some of the best days, these days, seem to start when you're feeling down and out, wondering if the news alerts pinging your phone by the hour could get any weirder . . . and then in stomps a new skin-care product you've never tried before, all creamy or gel-like, ready and willing to lift you right up. "At your service," you imagine them saying, as if that's not the scariest beauty equivalent to Toy Story ever.

You see, a good moisturizer or face mask — and no, not that one — or even a soothing sunscreen can work wonders at sparking joy or boosting your mood. Not even POPSUGAR beauty editors are immune. That's why we asked them to share the skin-care treatments that offer a dose of self-care on a less-than-perfect day — even though they're all sort of blurring together at this point.


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