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Netstat shows connection to backpage? - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer


My computer (WIn10 home version 1909, 64 bit) has been slow lately.  I check for updates every day for both Norton 360 and Malware Bytes and I run full scan everyday.  I have multiple independent backups on separate drives, 2 kept disconnected from the system unless I am running the backup.  I check and install all WIndows critical updates as soon as they come out.

So, the computer has been slow lately and this morning, it took quite a bit to connect to my browser duckduckgo using Firefox.

I was suspicious so I ran netstat (as admin) and saw several connections to several ports at backpage.  I ran ipconfig/release, and renew and turned the pc off, then restarted.  It ran fine, but netstat still shows all those connections to backpage.

I ran a complete scan using Norton, followed by a complete scan for Malwarebytes and neither found any issues.  Every once in a while, Mawarebytes will show some minor PUP issue bu I've never had a virus on this computer - that  know of :(

So, I have a problem somewhere because nothing on this computer should be connecting to backpage.

Can you take a look at the logs and the netstat capture and help me find what I need to fix?

Thank you!!


Netstat is the attached file NETSTAT.txt

FRST log is attached as FRST.txt

Start up log is attached as STARTUP.txt

Additonal log is attached as ADDITIONAL.txt

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