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Avira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag India

Avira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag IndiaAvira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag IndiaPosted: 11 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDTEvery computer needs antivirus protection, and one way companies can support that aim is to provide free antivirus to the masses. But these companies can't survive unless some users shell out their hard-earned cash for paid antivirus utilities. Piling on pro-only tools and components is one way companies encourage upgrading to a paid antivirus. Avira Antivirus Pro adds several components not available to users of Avira Free Security, but they don't really add much value. The biggest reason to pay for it is if you want to use Avira in a commercial setting, which isn't allowed with the free version.Avira's pricing is undeniably on the high side, with a list price of $59.88 per year for one license, $71.88 for three, and $95.88 for five. Admittedly, it seems to be perpetually on sale; just now, the one-license price is discounted to $44.99. That…

17 of the most underrated series on Netflix and Now TV - Evening Standard

From Too Hot to Handle to Game of Thrones, Now TV and Netflix frequently offer up much-talked-about shows - but some gems manage to fly under the radar.

And after enough hours of watching, scrolling for something to get into next can become a little dull with screen fatigue setting in.

Thankfully, there are plenty more brilliant programmes - they just aren't on your homepage.

Here are 17 underrated shows to consider watching next...

1. Next In Fashion

Tan France and Alexa Chung make an iconic presenting duo (Adam Rose/Netflix)

Presented by Alexa Chung and Tan France, Next In Fashion is more than just a reality TV series.

The show sees eighteen designers compete to be crowned next in fashion, win $250,000 and a lucrative Net-a-Porter deal.

There's a catch, though - they begin their journeys paired up, and so have to learn to adapt their styles, tastes and working methods to get through as a team, before they split off and make their own way.

Regardless of whether you're into fashion, the show is a must-see; you'll see some really creative looks, hilarious fashion-related meltdowns - and one of the contestants even gets rushed to hospital!

Available on: Netflix

2. Dark

Dark is like a German Stranger Things, if you will (Netflix)

Like a German Stranger Things, Dark is a thrilling sci-fi series centred around the disappearance of a young boy named Mikkel Nielson. But, like any great piece of science fiction, things aren't quite as they seem.

We soon learn there is a dark secret hiding beneath the surface of this small German town - one that spans over three generations and is incredibly complex to untangle.

Dodgy dubbing aside, this show is definitely one of the most underrated titles on Netflix, and deserves more recognition than it gets - plus the casting is simply phenomenal.

Available on: Netflix

3. Anne With An 'E'

The Netflix show brings Anne of Green Gables to life (Netflix)

Much to the outrage of fans, Anne With An 'E' was cancelled after three seasons.

Based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic children's novel, Anne of Green Gables, the Netflix show is a heart-warming tale of a young orphaned girl who is adopted by two elderly siblings living on a farm in Avonlea.

While the town itself is fictional, it's based on real places located on and around Canada's Prince Edward Island, which was used to film various scenes.

Anne (played by Amybeth McNulty) is a bright, forward-thinking young girl and her infectious love of life and brilliant imagination make it hard not to love her.

Available on: Netflix

4. Veep

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is brilliant in Veep (Sky Atlantic / HBO)

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Vice President Selina Myers, Veep sits somewhere between The Thick of It, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation and The West Wing.

A hilarious fly-on-the-wall sitcom, the show follows Myers' political highs and lows, as she tries to make it all the way to the top.

But of course, no (wo)man is an island; helping Myers materialise her goal of becoming President of the United States is her team - some of whom are well-meaning, others are downright Machiavellian, and more still are, frankly, absolutely useless.

Available on: NOW TV

5. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes​

Who wouldn't want to nose around some of the most awe-inspiring properties on the planet? (Netflix)

Caroline Quentin and award-winning architect Piers Taylor visit a series of impressive architect-designed properties.

Combining our love of interior design and beautiful architecture, The World's Most Extraordinary Homes is a great show to watch if you also have a penchant for having a bit of a nosy and seeing how the other half live.

Available on: Netflix

6. Girlboss

It is truly a tragedy that Girlboss wasn't renewed by Netflix (Netflix)

Based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso's best-selling book of the same name, Girlboss documents the rise of her multi-million dollar fashion empire.

Played by Britt Robertson, Amoruso is a rebellious young woman who is struggling to make ends meet in San Francisco, California.

The 22 best Netflix documentaries to watch right now

Adamant she won't rely on her father for financial support, Amoruso realises that far from being just a hobby of hers, repurposing vintage clothing and selling it for a mean profit is a major talent.

As well as tracking the conceptualisation of the fashion brand, the series details the personal highs and lows of Amoruso's journey - and the friends and people along the way that managed to turn her dream into reality.

Available on: Netflix

7. Sally4Ever

Sally4Ever is exactly the light type of content we need right now (Sky)

Quite possibly the rudest series to air since Julia Davis's Nighty Night, Sally4Ever sees the comedy genius play the free-spirited Emma.

After meeting her on the Tube, Emma embarks on a relationship with the much more reserved Sally (played by Catherine Shepherd).

In typical Julia Davis style, Sally4Ever is breath-takingly funny, outrageously naughty and full of twists so shocking you'll need to pause it.

A strong word of warning: Don't watch this one with your parents.

Available on: Now TV

​8. Save Me

While it's harrowing, Save Me is a gripping watch from start to finish (Sky)

Created by and starring Lennie James, Save Me sees a young girl named Jody leave a video message for her mother (played by the fantastic Suranne Jones) saying she's gone to stay with her biological father Nelly (James).

However, it soon becomes apparent that Jody has gone missing.

Nelly is then wrongfully arrested for abduction, before the terrifying truth emerges.

While it's not exactly a lighthearted, feel-good watch, Save Me is definitely gripping and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout.

Available on: Now TV

9. Bloodline

Bloodline explores the dark secrets of the Rayburn family (Netflix)

The Rayburns are a hard-working, trusted family within their Florida community - but they're hiding sinister secrets.

From the creators of Damages, Bloodline is a dark thriller that, while is a slow burner, rewards patient viewers with amazing twists and turns.

Available on: Netflix

10. Good Girls

Good Girls is the TV show you never knew you needed (NBC / Netflix)

Three American moms - Beth, Ruby and Annie - all hit financial trouble and struggle to make ends meet.

Beth (played by Christina Hendricks) not only finds her husband cheating on her, but also learns that he's in massive debt; Ruby's (Retta) daughter is sick, leaving her and her husband desperately trying to keep up with hospital treatment bills; Annie (Mae Whittman), meanwhile, is a single parent trying to raise her daughter.

One day, everything changes, as they find themselves getting involved with a dangerous drug lord.

But will they decide to be good girls, or will they be tempted by the potential fortune they could make? Watch and find out.

Available on: Netflix

11. Girls Incarcerated

Girls Incarcerated offers a glimpse of what life's like behind bars (Netflix)

Following various teenage girls who are serving time at a correctional facility in America, Girls Incarcerated offers a glimpse of what it's like behind being bars.

While many of the young women present themselves as truly terrifying teenagers, their emotional stories are slowly revealed and the reasons for their destructive behaviour become clear.

Available on: Netflix

12. Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek is wildly funny and sweet (@SchittsCreek)

While the Rose family have become accustomed to a life of luxury and comfort, they are forced to slum it when they're turfed out of their mansion and stripped of their wealth by the FBI.

Hollywood on Hollywod: The best show and films about Tinseltown

The only thing they have left to their names is a small town named Schitt's Creek, which Johnny Rose, the patriarch of the family, bought for his son David as a joke birthday present.

The pair, along with Moira and Alexis, then move to the town, lodging in a run down motel.

While it's the furthest thing from what they're used to, the family slowly adjust to their new lives.

As well as boasting a stellar cast, including Catherine O'Hara (Home Alone) and Eugene Levy (American Pie) - who also co-wrote the series with his son Daniel (who plays David Rose) - Schitt's Creek features heartwarming storylines and makes powerful statements about sexuality and acceptance along the way.

Available on: Netflix

13. Quicksand

Quicksand is possibly one of the most exquisite shows on the streaming platform (Netflix)

Opening with a dramatic shooting scene at a high school in Stockholm, Sweden, Quicksand, which is based on the book of the same name, is a harrowing tale of how two students and a teacher wound up dead one fateful morning.

While it is at first unclear what Maja Norberg's role in the attack is, she is arrested and it becomes apparent there's far more going on than first meets the eye.

Grappling with themes of death, depression, suicide and mental health, Quicksand is an exquisite piece of work that highlights what teenagers today are dealing with.

14. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Petition to make Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a thing in the UK, please (Netflix)

While it's amassed quite an impressive fan following in the US, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend hasn't quite struck the same chord of success across the pond.

It follows the life of Rebecca Bunch (played Rebecca Bloom, who also co-created the series) as she moves away from New York to West Covina, California.

The draw for Rebecca is her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez) - whom she's not seen since she was a teenager - with her relocation taking place after she impulsively decides to quit her life and follow him in pursuit of love.

Available on: Netflix

15. She's Gotta Have It

Spike Lee's series version of his first ever feature film does not disappoint (Netflix)

Spike Lee revisits his debut 1986 feature film in this cracking Netflix series.

Starring DeWanda Wise as the formidable and strong Nola Darling, She's Gotta Have It follows the Brooklyn-based artist as she pursues her dreams in the Big Apple.

Oh, and she also juggles three lovers.

Available on: Netflix

16. Tuca & Bertie

Tuca & Bertie is wonderfully weird (Netflix)

Thanks to Bojack Horseman, Family Guy and Rick and Morty, animated comedy series are an increasingly popular genre.

But you may not have tuned in to Tuca & Bertie - a hilarious (adult) cartoon about a bird woman who shares a flat with a cocky toucan named Tuca.

Available on: Netflix

17. ​Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract features some of the world's best designers (Netflix)

On paper Abstract could sound a little dry, but this documentary series delving into the creative process of a star designer - from interiors guru Ilse Crawford to trainer king Tinker Hatfield - is anything but.

Available on: Netflix

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