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Avira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag India

Avira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag IndiaAvira Antivirus Pro - Review 2020 - PCMag IndiaPosted: 11 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDTEvery computer needs antivirus protection, and one way companies can support that aim is to provide free antivirus to the masses. But these companies can't survive unless some users shell out their hard-earned cash for paid antivirus utilities. Piling on pro-only tools and components is one way companies encourage upgrading to a paid antivirus. Avira Antivirus Pro adds several components not available to users of Avira Free Security, but they don't really add much value. The biggest reason to pay for it is if you want to use Avira in a commercial setting, which isn't allowed with the free version.Avira's pricing is undeniably on the high side, with a list price of $59.88 per year for one license, $71.88 for three, and $95.88 for five. Admittedly, it seems to be perpetually on sale; just now, the one-license price is discounted to $44.99. That…

Work From Home in Style With the Best Loungewear Sets for Men - The Manual

What was previously made all that much easier by having to be at the office now just got a bit trickier? We’re talking about getting dressed for work in style. And of course, your home is now your office. It’s a big change, and it requires reevaluating your wardrobe.

Best Loungewear Sets for Men
Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Are we suggesting you throw on an office-ready suit to work from home? Unless your next Zoom call absolutely demands it, then no. You can meet those dual demands of working remotely — comfort and style — with one easy alternative: loungewear sets. The best part? These loungewear sets for men aren’t your typical frumpy pajamas and sweatpants, yet they’re nowhere near as stuffy as a tailored suit. While you can mix and match most of these sets, we advise you to wear them together to channel the sort of laidback, breezy style you can wear outside the house.

J. Crew Madras Pajama Set

J. Crew Madras Pajama Set

This pajama set is WFH-friendly thanks to the button-up top, which looks a lot like a spring-ready short-sleeve shirt you could wear outdoors. Your next Zoom call just got more stylish, yet comfy at the same time.

Vince Wool Cashmere Pullover Hoodie

VINCE Wool Cashmere Jogger and Pullover

Understated luxury is Vince’s aesthetic, and this wool-cashmere pullover and matching joggers are just that. You can easily dress it up by wearing a chambray shirt underneath.

Sergio Tacchini Orion Tracksuit

Tennis apparel label Sergio Tacchini designed these slim-fit tracksuits made from soft poly-cotton, which look just as great off-court.

Asos Design Loungewear Set

Asos Design Loungewear Set

Have a little leeway as you work from home? Rock these super cozy tee and shorts, then top the tee with an unstructured navy blazer to hop on a conference call. We say go for it.

Uniqlo Ultra-Stretch Long-Sleeve Waffle Lounge Set

Uniqlo Ultra-Stretch Long-Sleeve Waffle Lounge Set

A stretchy set of sweats is always a solid pick, and this Uniqlo fit will look just presentable enough for your Zoom calls.

Aime Leon Dore Sweats

Aime Leon Deor Logo Sweatpants

Luxury is the name of the game with this high fashion logo hoodie-sweatpants combo from Aime Leon Deor — you’re one of the cool kids if you pick up this matching set.

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