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In America, 10-step skin-care routines have become the pinnacle representation of Korean beauty. Many of us assume our favorite glass-skinned K-pop stars go through the lengthy regimen, complete with toner, essence, and sheet-masking, to achieve their radiant, poreless complexions. According to the leader of girl group Twice, you may have the wrong idea about K-beauty. Extensive routines are not the norm. "I only use three steps," Jihyo tells Allure. (She doesn’t count her makeup removal process as part of her skin-care routine.) “There are some people who do the 10 steps, but I feel like too much product is unnecessary." Joy of Red Velvet may be one of those people.

While interviewing K-pop stars over the past three years, I’ve gotten in the habit of asking two specific questions. The first being "which member has the most extensive skin-care routine?" Then, I ask whoever it may be to share every single step of their routine. Now, I get to share all my findings in one place.

Unfortunately, K-pop stars are often forbidden to share their favorite skin-care products due to endorsement deals and contracts beyond my purview. I would love nothing more than to tell you the exact spray-on acidic cream Felix of Stray Kids swears by. (Don’t worry, I can reveal the $125 exfoliant Tiffany Young loves, though.) Luckily, steps are fair game, and I can give your some product recommendations based on what Allure editors in both the U.S. and Korea suggest.

Consider these idol skin-care routines as blueprints to follow for putting your own in order and figuring out what to add to your lineup. Before you even keep scrolling, I can tell you right now that double cleansing, which involves washing with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser to remove every speck of makeup and impurities, is a given among both boy and girl group members. Some K-pop stars don’t even list it as a step because it’s implied that they must do it. Toner is also a major essential helping create a hydrating base for the rest of their products to better absorb into.

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